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HEAD HOLE 收集、存儲網站登錄用戶的資訊如下:





本網站適用於18歲以上的成年人,不適用於18歲以下人士。 凡18歲以下人士都不得向網站提供任何信息或在網站上發布任何信息。我們不會有意收集未成年人的個人信息。如果您未滿18歲,請勿(i)在網站上或通過網站的任何功能使用或提供任何信息,(ii)在網站上註冊,(iii) 通過網站進行任何購買,(iv)使用網站的任何交互式或公共評論功能,或(v)向我們提供有關您的任何信息,包括您的姓名,地址,電話號碼,電子郵件地址,或您可能使用的任何屏幕名稱或用戶名。

HEAD HOLE collects and stores the following information about the website login user:


When a user registers on our website or registers or accesses our website through products or services of other companies, the website collects personal information about the user, including name, contact number, postal code and address.


The bank will automatically receive and record your browser and server log information, including but not limited to your IP address, cookie information on this website, and your web history requirements.

This website is suitable for adults over 18 years old, not for people under 18 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 shall not provide any information to the website or publish any information on the website. We do not intent to collect personal information of minors. If you are under 18, please do not (i) use or provide any information on the website or through any function of the website, (ii) register on the website, (iii) make any purchases through the website, (iv) use the website Any interactive or public comment function, or (v) provide us with any information about you, including your name, address, phone number, email address, or any screen name or user name you may use.






3.根據法律規定, 公司有權制定法律或遵守法律指令, 但公司將提供適當的管轄權;

4.在緊急情況下, 為維護用戶和公眾的利益時;


HEAD HOLE 保留修改、審視和更改隱私政策的權利,恕不另行通知。


HEAD HOLE may disclose your information regarding the following circumstances:


1. Obtain your authorization in advance;

2. When head hole needs your information to provide you with the products and services you require;

3. According to the law, the company has the right to make laws or comply with legal orders, but the company will provide appropriate jurisdiction;

4. In an emergency, to protect the interests of the user and public interests;


HEAD HOLE reserves the right to revise, review and change the privacy policy without advance notice.  


您可以設置瀏覽器或設備中的cookies,選擇安裝或禁用它們。如果您不更改瀏覽器設置並繼續使用我們的網站,我們將默認您同意我們使用cookie並繼續將cookie下載到您的設備上。 如果您在瀏覽器設置中選擇禁用cookie,和下載了cookie的用戶相比,使用我們的網站功能時可能享受不到一樣的個性化體驗。

有關這些控件的更多信息以及更新Cookie首選項,請訪問瀏覽器“首選項”或“工具”菜單。 有關在瀏覽器中配置Cookie的更多詳細信息,請參閱瀏覽器中的“幫助”菜單。

You can change setting of cookies in your browser or device and choose to install or disable them. If you do not change your browser settings and continue to use our website, we will by default you agree to our use of cookies and continue to download cookies to your device. If you choose to disable cookies in your browser settings, you may not enjoy the same personalized experience when using our website features compared to users who have downloaded cookies.

For more information on these controls and to update your cookie preferences, visit your browser's Preferences or Tools menu. For more details on configuring cookies in your browser, see the Help menu in your browser.


當註冊使用我們的服務後,系統將默認您訂閱 HEAD HOLE 的促銷資訊。 我們將通過電子郵件向您提供最新的產品、功能、優惠或限時促銷。 如果您沒有興趣接收我們的促銷更新,隨時可以點擊推廣郵件中的“取消訂閱”按鈕,要求取消。


You will subscribe to HEAD HOLE by default once your sign up our service. We will email you with the latest products, features, offers or limited time promotions. If you have no interests to receive promotion updates from us, you can click the “unsubscribe” button in each message to cancel your subscription.

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