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The Basic Loophole 001

On the UK Riots 004

Unbearable Lightness of Being a Vice-Chancellor 006

My 9/11 Anniversary Reflection 009

Not Quite the Wong Prize 012

The Teething Problem 014

Hong Kong Deserves Better 016

When East Meets West 018

When Hillary Met Suu Kyi 020

Batman Battered by Bad Chinamen 023

Money Matters 025

A New Confucius Lecture on Hong Kong 029

On Out-Surviving the Locusts 032

Locusts and the Front Lines 035

The Wrong Side of the Tracks 037

LinIsOneofUS 039 The Shanghaied Tang 042

Forget and Forgive 045

Enter the Party Comrade 048

The Honeymoon Night 051

An Imperialism A Little Too Benign 054

A Little Biblical Knowledge 057

Give Me An Inch 061

Three Heads That Deserve to Roll 064

Patriotic Education 067

No Free (Olympics) TV 069

Carrie Lam Takes A Stand 072

The Drug Dealer’s Wealthy Children 074

Why Senkaku Suits the World Better 076

The Big DouBo Cross 079

Why Singapore Alone Needs National Brainwashing? 082

The Crying Game 085

Say No to the Boycott 087

The Crime of Not Being Fully Chinese 090

Eating Off Your Enemy 092

J’accuse! 097

My Favorite Mo Yan 099

My Unpatriotic Pilgrimage 101

Skyfall 103

My Firm No to Hong Kong Independence 105

Mitt’s Missed Mission 108

On Gangnam Style 111

Ang Lee’s Intriguing new Story 113

Turn to the Right Breast 116

The Break of a New Dawn? 118

Carry On, Carrie 120

A ‘Dear John’ Letter 125

Voting With Our Condoms 128

The SAR Passport Row 131

Delicious British Exports 134

In Case of A Fire 136

The Dream Bear Story Made Simple 138

The Sucking Crisis 141

Mao’s Mysterious Mercy 143

Drawing A Line Somewhere 146

A Room to Maneuver 148

Wake Up and smell the Coffee 150

We Too Can-do 152

At Least We Had Paris 157

How Deep Is Your Love 159

A Fall That Could Have Been Avoided 161

Don’t Blame the Fairy Tale Writer 164

Shaking for some Unearthly Quick Cash 166

The Yellow-skinned Dogs’ Dodgy Scheme 168

The Dubious Dutch Threat 170

The IC-Guanxi 173

When My Piece of Plastic Fails Me 175

My Private Agenda 178

Playing On Our Turf 181

We Don’t Want Him Here 184


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政正係理 3 Politically Correct 3 (陶傑英文小品選)